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Create Your Empowered Self Podcast

Sep 30, 2018

Clarity Affirmations

Oftentimes the greatest and most important breakthroughs I see as a coach have to do with clarity.

How many times have you felt bad or even just blah, but if asked, you couldn’t really explain why.

The same is true of my clients’ writer’s block.

My clients don’t just have that temporary kind...

Sep 26, 2018


Following my intuition

So for a few months now I’ve had this podcast. I’ve shared it every Wednesday and Saturday. I committed to doing this to help you, my listeners, and to hopefully grow more visible so I can help writers cope with their blocks so they can write again. The subjects I spoke on much of...

Sep 23, 2018


How to be more fearless (includes a guided meditation)

Being fearless means obstacles can't stop you unless you let them.

Recently, I did a process created by the fabulous Margaret Lynch called “Your Inner Child Exercise.”

I was then inspired to make my own video on that exercise—I placed links to

Sep 19, 2018


Nowadays, you hear the word “spiritual” bandied about more and more.

Spirituality and spiritualism is much more mainstream in the United States—and maybe even the world—than it used to be.

But what IS it?


Sep 15, 2018

Future Rampage of Appreciation

Your dream future awaits...
A rampage of appreciation is an energetic group of affirmations originally created by Abraham-Hicks that build on each other and make you feel both empowered and wonderful.
Check out my previous podcast about rampages (Create Your Empowered Self podcast...