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Create Your Empowered Self Podcast

May 30, 2018

Guided Meditation for Releasing Negativity Involving a person

May 26, 2018

Create Your Empowered Self Podcast 14: Releasing Negativity in a Situation Guided Meditation

May 23, 2018

So recently I experienced a wonderful breakthrough in my business.

All my hopes and dreams suddenly seemed not just possible, but very close and doable.

Totally within reach.

With this new breakthrough in mind, I began making new plans and creating new goals. 

And they didn't feel far fetched or like a pipe dream.


May 16, 2018


Possibility - a Google definition: a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.

Today I want to reach out to any of you who may have been struggling with a situation or a part of your life that seems completely out of your control.

Something that feels overwhelming and incites a...