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Create Your Empowered Self Podcast

Jun 16, 2018

The Truth about you Guided Meditation: Podcast 20

Jun 13, 2018

Finding Greater Ease: Podcast 19. Create Your Empowered Self

Jun 10, 2018

How to stop being your own worst enemy

Jun 6, 2018

Profanity: Using it to Let Things Go

Please be advised: this episode will contain a LOT of profanity. While I always put an explicit rating on this podcast, I wanted to provide a little extra warning this time around. If you don't like profanity, find it offensive, or have children listening, you may just want to skip...

Jun 2, 2018

Dissatisfaction is a big word for stressed, frazzled, and unfulfilled. It means you've considered your lot in life and found it to be less pleasant than advertised. It ain't a great feeling, folks. Shitty-crappy is a good synonym, too.

How to cure or avoid that dissatisfaction is what I'm going to be discussing today.